Hyundai Showcase at Milan Design Week 2019: Hyundai’s “STYLE SET FREE” concept presents a glimpse into people’s notions of the future mobility experience in the age of autonomous vehicles. At the Milan Design Week, Hyundai presents an interactive multisensory exhibition of light, colour, form, sound and material. A future-oriented vision for a new customer experience that will soon enable people to design their own personal living space in Hyundai vehicles. The focus of the exhibition is the “Sculpture”, an artistic, abstract interpretation of “STYLE SET FREE”. A constantly changing, creative and captivating installation of projections illustrates the three most important interior elements of Hyundai’s new brand experience. As part of the exhibition, Hyundai is hosting a panel discussion with influential design experts in collaboration with the global media brand Monocle. Participants include Monocle’s editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé, landscape architect and urbanist Winy Maas, world-renowned lifestyle and trend specialist Li Edelkoort, and car designer Sang Yup Lee.

CLIENT Hyundai Motor Company

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