VOLKSWAGEN – Group Forum Berlin


At the launch of the newly renovated Volkswagen Group Forum on Berlin’s iconic Unter den Linden boulevard, the company presented all of its brands for the first time in a joint exhibition. The international magnitude, diversity and relevance of the automobile manufacturer were to be brought to life for visitors on an emotional level.

Volkswagen AG is its own vast world of exciting experiences, records and stories from yesterday, today and tomorrow. The exhibition DRIVE / START developed into an interactive spatial experience which appealed to all the senses and within which each brand had its own experiential chapter. Like being drawn in through the cover of a book, visitors are introduced to the exhibition by an interactive table of contents, enabling them to experience the brands’ origins, present and future. A circular LED-strip display links the varied histories of the brands both contextually and visually to the Volkswagen company.


  • Concept Development
  • Customer Journey
  • Content Development & Curation
  • Exhibition Architecture
  • Interactive & Communication Design
  • Content Training for Employees

Volkswagen AG

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